Hi! I’m Zachary

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Bio Hello there! My name is Zachary Avery. I’ve been a licensed massage therapist, acupuncturist, and yoga instructor since 2010. After spending the last decade studying self-care, alternative medicine, and personal development, I’m now prepared to teach you everything I know. My mission is to provide you with a wide array of practical knowledge, tools, and strategies that promote physical strength, mental alertness, emotional groundedness, energetic balance, and spiritual awareness.

Because I am a survivor of domestic violence, rape, bullying, depression, addiction, chronic illness, homelessness, codependency, and self-harm, I have been on a long journey in search of healing and inner peace. This process has now culminated in me empowering others by sharing the techniques and resources I’ve gathered through my life experience as well as my formal training and professional skill set.

Above all else, my intention is to give you hope. Whether you engage with me as a bodyworker, yoga instructor, energy healer, writer, speaker, or coach, I look forward to serving you and helping you heal. I believe that health, balance, and bliss are all gifts we can give ourselves. Stick around and I’ll show you how.